Our business

«Eurasian Delivery Impex» is a company which provides an export operations management and our aim it’s a sales on international markets.
Our business consists of three main aspects: a comprehensive study of market needs, as part of commercial representation, business logistics and trade agreements on the basis of distribution and consignment.
We do not enforce consulting and do not tell you how to sell – we sell.
The head office of the company is situated in Wroclaw (the Poland Republic).
Our experience and specialization in sales and allows us quickly and efficiently solve problems with sales promotion in new markets.
Through the use of the effective build process and proven technique we are helping our clients to overcome obstacles in business in unknown territory and achieve financial aims.
An individual attention to each client allows us to find solutions based on detailed study of business specific and client’s problems, his potential possibilities for successful business.

Company strategy

An ideal of our company is an available market with minimal risks.
This ideal was reflected in mission that we have chosen: it’s our business in opening and enhancement of export possibilities for manufacturers in the foreign markets.
The EDI strategic intentions lie in the fact that to be a right hand in export organization for manufacturing companies.
The strategic aim for us is to become one of leaders in the management of the export activities.
Our strategic tasks – it’s an action sequence needed for achievement of strategic aim. First of all it’s a cautious business management, long-term planning, business principles and a set of rules for decision making. All this will lead to the result of our work: entry into a new market of manufacturing companies via EDI with minimal financial and time costs.

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