Transport logistics

Is one of core functions of the EDI, business process, related to the products transportation on a specific procedure in the supply chain and consisting of logistics operations and functions. In such a way thanks our partners in the transport logistics – the DSV international holding company, the logistics process of products transportation (beginning from manufacturers’ warehouses and finishing with direct customers – our partners) is transformed into a single technological chain, and transport has become an integral part of unified transport and the manufacturing process which ensures our business.

An ambitious aims which the EDI, set itself, the geography of our strategic interests made necessity to include in infrastructure serving our commodity flows, only reliable partners. This partner in the transport logistics is the DSV international holding company.

DSV offices operating in more than 70 countries and an international network of partners and agents made our logistics partner a true leader in this market. 22,000 employees of all over the world provide an effective, professional solutions for your business.

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