The EDI policy provides only a few ways of sales one of which is a distribution.

However, we can offer a distribution only under the terms of exclusivity, which is determined by the policy of the company. Distribution provides few levels of relations with the manufacturers, and at the stage of commercial representation, our company is making an essential efforts in marketing at the foreign markets and therefore wants to receive a special conditions of sales.

We offer you a contract of exclusive distribution.

According to the contract of the exclusive distribution the EDI as a distributor undertakes to purchase the product at the manufacturer and to provide promotion and realization of it on strictly designated territory. The manufacturer undertakes not consign the product on their own or through a third parties on this territory, among other, not to sell the product to third parties for distribution on this territory.

Operative part of a contract:

Terms of exclusivity

Exclusivity lies in the fact that by EDI vested an exclusive right for selling products on the designated territory. Manufacturer, in its turn undertakes not consign specified products to others on the designated territory.

Products intended for selling

The list of such products should be clearly defined because the EDI exclusive right for selling products on the designated territory go with it.

Sales territory

It is necessary to specify the territory of products sales in the contract for the avoidance of disagreements with the manufacturer and EDI.

Sales network

The EDI has its own dealership and agency agreements, thanks to which was created a sales network. The contract provides for EDI full freedom in choice of partners with no need for preliminary permition of the manufacturer and necessity to inform him about sales.

Trademark rights

As EDI entitled to trade by manufacturers products on exclusively basis, in the contract may be provided a charter of the EDI rights on trademarks, and also charters of the need to register in marketing of the trademark in accordance with the national legislation of the country of sale.

Delivery conditions

The contract clearly defined obligations of the parties in respect of delivery (including conditions of INCOTERMS 2000).